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Did you know there's a scientifically based way to interact with everyone?

This science is the key to better, more productive interactions, not only with potential clients and colleagues, but also with family and friends.  This course is based on ground-breaking research by New York Times bestselling author, Dan Solin.

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"This isn't just a course. It could transform your life."

I'm Dan Solin, author of
Ask: How to Relate to Anyone

I'm best known for writing investment books (I wrote the Smartest series), so what promoted the shift into the self-help genre?

Good question.

It was largely to help myself.

I used to believe what I was saying was more important than what I was hearing. Instead of really listening, I was usually waiting for the other person to stop talking. My interactions were like two billiard balls bouncing off each other.

Then I did some research.

What I found was stunning.

When we empower others to talk about themselves, the brain activity in those people is similar to when they're engaged in their most pleasurable activities. Talking about yourself releases certain hormones that make you feel good. Doing so causes you to project traits of likeability and trustworthiness onto the person who encourages you to talk. 

That's why I wrote Ask and turned it into this micro-learning course.

While this is a micro-learning course, it will have a macro impact.

In my own life, implementing my findings has increased my level of personal happiness and deepened my relationships. People project the nicest qualities onto me, like kindness, thoughtfulness and insight, whenever I encourage them to talk about themselves. The next logical step in my journey was to share that research with you.

That's why I wrote Ask and turned it into this impactful course.

Meet Dr. Nik Kendrew

Dr. Nik Kendrew is a medical doctor with a passion for medicine and psychology.

In this online course, he'll explain the extensive research in Dan Solin's groundbreaking book, Ask: How to Relate to Anyone. Watch as Dr. Nik explains what you will learn in this course.

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The lessons are easy to understand and to implement.

Dan has taught these principles to thousands of people worldwide. You can read their testimonials by clicking here.

The entire course is less than 40 minutes, broken down into 6 modules.

The cost is no more than the price of a book.

The information is invaluable.

  • Here is what you'll learn

  • The simple concepts that will transform your business and personal relationships.

  • How losing the "battle of agendas" will enhance all of your interactions and bring greater success and fulfillment.

  • Why the focus on your qualifications is misplaced.

  • The dominant factor in making decisions, which is often ignored.

  • Why trying to persuade others causes them stress.

  • Why "telling your story" is often a terrible idea.

  • How to become that rare person who generates positive feelings in just about everyone.

Praise for this course

  • Learner in November 2021

    I experienced a traumatic brain injury and prefer to leave comments after a second or third viewing of material like this. However on first blush as with all of Dan Solin’s work I am left feeling inspired that I can make changes in my way of being that truly improves the quality of my life and those around me, by being the type of person I genuinely want to be, thoughtful, helpful and sincere.

  • Russ Thornton, Retirement Advisor for Women

    This online course is a great companion to Dan's book, "Ask" In a series of compact and concise video lessons, the key lessons of the Ask approach are reinforced in an easy to digest format. This course and its videos are something I will definitely revisit prior to my next several conversations with new potential clients...

  • Justin Then, CEO of Senshi Social

    "Thanks to this course, it helped me connect better with my employees and I feel like I know them better than ever. I believe this will help me with my sales efforts as well."

  • David Hoffeld
    Author of The Science of Selling

    An engaging book that provides thoughtful, actionable, and perhaps most importantly, evidence-backed insights that reveal what each of us can do to improve our ability to relate to others.

  • Moira Somers, Ph.D., C.Psych.
    Author of Advice that Sticks

    Dan Solin’s ASK: How to Relate to Anyone is a brilliant fusion of the academic and the actionable, of research findings and real-life strategies. Solin offers succinct, engaging summaries of findings from the fields of positive psychology, communication, and neuroscience. His genius lies in demonstrating Why and How those findings can be easily adopted by leaders, advisors, teachers and anyone else who strives to be of use to other human beings.

  • Jeffery Goddard
    CEO Executive Producer, TVA Media Group

    I hope, with the help of your book that I can become a master ASKer because it truly is one of the most effective tools for effective communication that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve been in Communications professionally for 35 years). Wish I had had the book decades ago.

  • Jocelyne Whitehead

    Dan uses solid research, presented in an accessible way, to lay out the steps everyone can take to improve their relationships and transform their lives.

  • Brian R

    So simple yet genius; sometimes we forget the fundamentals of success (because they work!) and go back to our old habits and our beliefs.

  • Anonymous

    People should listen to modules 5 and 6 until they can recite by heart.

  • Austin Kertesz

    This course was thought-provoking with practical takeaways to implement immediately.

  • Joe Kertesz COO Pro Acoustics

    Insight into human interaction that can be applied daily to both one’s personal and professional life, a very concise and helpful learning experience.

  • Rick Helbing, Financial Life Advisor

    Absolutely spot on. Well done Dan. I have asked questions in my discussions with prospective clients and the results are astounding.

  • Ted Dwyer, CFP

    I have self-learned many of these ASK lessons over the years through trial-and-error experience. So, I have been asking and listening with reasonable success. Still, your simple little course was very valuable to me. Also, at first, the cost seemed way too much, but looking back, it is a real bargain, if one really listens and applies these insights.